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One Sunday afternoon, while waiting for Liz to finish her shift at a restaurant near Civic Center, Paul  decided to kill some time at the nearby farmer’s market. Drawn to the tiny cucumbers, he decided to pick up a couple of bags and try his hand at making pickles...

Together, for months afterward, the couple tried many different recipes and techniques, striving for the perfect pickle. And the dedication paid off, resulting in a briny, spicy, crunchy, delicious pickle!

Liz and Paul immediately began experimenting with different vegetables and brines, not only creating pickled products, but turning those into an array of delectable sauces and relishes. 

Paul Ashby is originally from the Philadelphia area and has lived in San Francisco since 1998.  He is a lead carpenter, who builds and remodels houses all over the Bay Area. Paul’s favorite pickle is, of course, the Zesty Original which was his first endeavor into the limitless world of pickled possibilities!

Elizabeth Ashby is originally from the Boston area and has lived in San Francisco since 1998. She has 23 years of various food related job experience, and is now pleased to bring a fresh twist to the traditional Jewish foods she grew up on. Liz’s favorite pickled product is the mouth watering spicy green bean.